What do I do if my bodyscrub becomes hard?

Some of Alexis B. Body Scrubs use Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil becomes solid as room temperature, making the scrub difficult to use. Run your scrub under hot water in your shower or pour hot water in a bowl to melt the coconut oil. Mix contents of scrub with your finger once the bottle has cooled down.

How do I store my scrub?

For longevity of the product, store all scrubs at room temperature.

Can I leave my scrub open?

For longevity, please tightly seal all scrubs. Do not leave them open.

What is the most effective way to use my scrub?

The most effective and efficient way to use Alexis B. Body Scrubs is by first wetting and lathering up your skin with your body wash, then applying the Alexis B. Body Scrubs to skin, then rinsing. For best results exfoliate with wet skin.

Are Alexis B. Body Scrubs edible?

Although we pride ourselves in having sweet smelling body scrubs, NONE of our products are edible or should be ingested.