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Happy Feet

Summer has ended and it's now time to break out those flats and ankle boots to prepare for Fall. If you're anything like me you've spent 99% of your summer getting pedicures every two weeks in open toe sandals and flip flops because who really wears sneakers and boots in the sweltering heat? But have you checked on the condition of your feet? Sandals, heels, flip flops, and excessive pedicures all play a part in callus formation of feet.

Sandals, heels, flip flops, and excessive pedicures all play a part in callus formation in feet.

So what's the solution? No Sandals? No Heels? Hell No! Better foot care is the answer. A gentle foot exfoliation can eliminate and decrease the issue of foot callus. Here are some tips on how to eliminate or decrease callous feet.

1. Soak your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. The water will help soften the callous. I personally own a Con-Air Foot Spa (see link below) that I soak my feet into at least twice a week.

2. Add Epsom salt (see link below) to your foot bath to help soothe your feet while drawing out toxins.

3. Here comes the fun part, add Alexis B. Body Scrub to your favorite body wash or foot wash and exfoliate your feet. I use a pumice stone from my local beauty supply store to aid with exfoliation. My go to scrubs are the Alexis B. Rose Petal Scrub, Coffee Chocolate Mint, and Cinnaspice Pumpkin Scrub (which will be available later on this Fall).

Alexis B. Coffee Chocolate Mint and Rose Petal Scrub

4. After exfoliating and washing off, I use a heavy oil or thick body butter such Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil or Shea Butter to moisturize my feet.

5. Lastly and very important, I put on socks and a pair of my favorite slides. Socks will help retain the moisture in your feet. If you suffer from callous or dried crack feet try following the steps above and regularly wearing socks around the house or when you're going out.

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