Peppermint infused with Red Hawaiian Salt Scrub

Alexis B. Peppermint Scrub contains a plethora of beneficial properties. Peppermint contains antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits. Peppermint controls breakouts, minimizes pores, and makes skin brighter. Castor oil leaves your skin silky smooth and contains anti-inflammatory properties as well. Combine this scrub with your facial or body wash for best results. Your skin is the only thing you’ll live with forever, take care of it with Alexis B. Organics.


Scoop not included with 4oz scrub.

Scoop included with 8oz scrub.

Peppermint infused with Red Hawaiian Salt Scrub


Cane Sugar, Alaea Red Hawaiian Salt, Jojoba Beads, Peppermint Oil

Spearmint Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerin


Organic Skincare and Haircare